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Research includes research or extended writing on a programme/topic chosen by the students. This will be trans-disciplinary in nature and will provide the opportunity to use experiences from Perspectives.

The term 'Research' has to be understood in a limited sense for a school environment. Its objective is to provoke the curiosity of learners in any subject matter/concept/product/ activity of their liking and pursue an insightful study of the same. Such a study would involve collection of relevant information, organization of the information, analysis and making critical observations. It has to be understood that this term is not to be related to the discipline of science or technology alone but all disciplines of learning. Further, the Board does not expect material production as an outcome of such a study but as an exercise in opening the vistas of human mind to enquiry and problem solving. Also it would help to examine issues critically and see opportunities and develop an enterprising attitude among the learners. The students would be required to record their observations and document them in the format provided.

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