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Life Skills

The Life Skills Programme will be able to help students lead balanced, happy and successful lives. The program covers Creative and Critical Thinking Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Problem-Solving and Decision Making Skills, Conflict Resolution Skills, Collaborative Skills, Leadership Skills, Self Esteem, Empathy and Dealing with Emotions as well as Coping with Stress. These skills are dealt in an age appropriate manner.

Role of Life Skills The social dynamics in the recent past has ushered in fast life and there is strong evidence of consumerist tendencies the world over. These have strongly impacted the life styles, attitudes and life skills of learners. The younger generation is seen to be more active, responsive, restless and aggressive. Inability to cope with changing life patterns, unrealistic comparisons with peers in the society, destabilizing family structures and excessive exposure to irrelevant information have made them restless, and at times aggressive.

Emphasis on teaching of emotional skills and life skills is given priority everywhere in the curriculum. The CBSE International curriculum gives enormous opportunities for empowering learners with emotional skills and competencies. Schools and teachers will be encouraged to find suitable methods of successfully incorporating this vital component of the curriculum among the learners.

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