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Social Empowerment through Work and Action (SEWA)

The benefits of this empowerment program actually return to every individual of the society. It is important to clarify the constituent terms. Social empowerment can be done through a large number of ways. Community awareness on sanitation, health, civic habits, rule of law, social justice, truthful living, along with creating respect for social institutions are a few indicators of the way how this could be achieved. Promoting Consumer Awareness, facilitating inclusivity, care for senior citizens, ensuring eco-sensitive social responses and the like would go a long way as instruments of social empowerment leading to social change. This could be done by every single learner as a contributive citizen in a micro manner and can also be achieved through focused actions as teams or social groups. The school can identify the avenues for social empowerment depending on the local social needs and the cultural climate. At the international level, the schools should ensure that such activities are completely within the provisions of the existing laws of the land.

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