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Visual Arts

The Visual Arts Curriculum is aimed at promoting intellectual, aesthetic and emotional growth. Students realize the joy of expression through various mediums. They learn to appreciate art from different cultures as well as the native arts of the country against the backdrop of the cultural context in which they exist. At Secondary level, each student opts for one learning area from the Performing Arts and one from the Visual Arts. This element of the curriculum will not be formally examined at the end of the year but will be graded across the year based on students participation and teachers observations. At the heart of the Curriculum or the Core lie innovative programmes called Perspectives, Life Skills, SEWA (Social Empowerment through Work and Action), and Research. The Life skills Programme will help students lead balanced, happy and successful lives. The program covers Creative and Critical Thinking Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Effective Communication Skills, Problem-Solving and Decision Making Skills, Conflict Resolutions skills, Collaboration and Leadership Skills and Adolescent Education.

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